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Our relationship to failure shapes who we are, and in turn what we will achieve.

I have managed leading Motorsport teams across the globe, winning British, American, European and World titles. DC Racing - LIGIER JS P3 - Nissan by Kevin Decherf from Nantes, France. CC BY-SA 2.0

Your goals don’t need to be small to be believable. Why can’t you be world champion?

As elite players we need to reconise what we're not in control of. After the shot has been hit it's not up to us if the ball drops or not.

Coaching begins with the understanding that state of mind has a profound and immediate effect on how the body performs.

“Be present in the now. Make the process king, not the results we can’t control.”

What’s it all About?

My name is Noel Flannery and I have worked in elite sport for the last 25 years. I have coached Tour Golf, World Snooker, English National League Football, World Darts and Motorsport professionals to help them improve beyond being simply good to being exceptional.

My philosophy is simple, it is a complete commitment to excellence in any chosen arena.

If you are seeking to compete in any sport on a world stage you must go beyond being merely ‘good’, so I ask potential clients what is your goal? What do you want to achieve? If the answer is to be number one in your chosen sport, then I can help.

Football Coaching

Much of my mentoring at the moment involves coaching professional footballers all over the globe to achieve their very best, and I can offer various packages that are all one-to-one, and can be conducted online and/or in person.

Without knowing why certain games are good and others bad, how can any player understand how to improve further?

So what is involved? In my experience it is not a lack of desire nor a poor work ethic but a lack of knowledge on what it takes, the process, and the attention to the details required to be the best. It is not just about what you do on the pitch but what you do off it that is just as important if not more so.

I am not a former football player and do not need to be since I am not here to teach you techniques. Instead my coaching will teach you about yourself and where your best is. I give players a clear pathway to reach their career goals, and do so in a timely manner given how brief the career of elite footballers can be. So the clock is ticking and excellence is waiting.

When at their best a player reacts instinctively, this is our subconscious minds at work

Naturally in-person coaching is preferable but it is not always practical with clients located worldwide from Africa to Switzerland. In these cases online coaching can be provided, and can also enable players of a lesser wage a chance to be involved in this process.

Ready to do anything it takes? Want to achieve great things and reach your full potential? If so get in touch for an initial free consultation providing an opportunity to see what you’re all about, discuss what the coaching might involve, and ensure that we are a good match before proceeding further.

Brand Placement

Having amassed not only extensive knowledge but numerous contacts in elite sport over three decades in the industry, I am in an ideal position to to help you to get your brand noticed in many different sporting arenas across the globe, affording massive television exposure at the very best value possible, and for a fraction of the cost of a traditional television advertising campaign.

I can place your brand in front of a massive TV audience.

Passionate about achieving the best results from this exposure, the needs of your brand will be tailored according to your target audience(s), location(s) and sporting taste, forming a bespoke brand placement package.

I have already placed brands in the UK, Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East with excellent and reliable contacts in:

Motorsportsall areas; worldwide
World Snooker Touraccess to every player on tour
Snooker Championshipsamateur; worldwide
Dartsprofessional and amateur
Footballall leagues; worldwide
Poolprofessional and amateur
Tour Golfaccess to every professional tour worldwide
Further details and social media contacts for each sport available on request.

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Goalkeeping Mindset Coaching
Listen to Noel Flannery being interviewed on 'The Goalkeeping Mindset' episode of the Gloves On podcast.Read the 'The Goalkeeper’s Mindset: What You Can See, And Believe, You Can Achieve' article on where Sam Hudspith interviews Noel Flannery.

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Doing so gives them power. Watch Noel Flannery talk about 'Dealing with Nerves' on our Goalkeeping Mindset YouTube channel.
"Listen and watch to find out the magic stat that marks out the top performers, and learn of the different ways that Noel works with his players and the extent of the support he gives" on this episode of the Talking Balls series of The Talking Podcasts YouTube channel."About a year ago a guy called Noel Flannery contacted me on Facebook. He’s a mind coach and has worked with golfers and rally drivers. I have spent some time with him and he has really changed my approach on the mental side." Read the article on the WST site.

As a Manager

I have managed leading Motorsport teams across the globe, winning British, American, European and World titles and I still do some consultancy work for them. In my opinion, no other sport operates at the high standards that exist within the race car industry.

Many leading global, blue chip companies and even Great Ormond’s St Children’s Hospital, have consulted with experts within this industry and implemented procedures to greatly improve their own standards. It is no surprise that the Motorsport industry sets the standard within the sports world. I’ve spent decades teaching these principles in Motorsport teams and this greatly informs how I coach all my clients regardless of their particular sport.

These are not just theoretical ideas but real and relevant behaviours that are implemented within a players daily practice and general lifestyle. For example, I will devise practice drills designed to simulate a high pressure environment in order to help players manage this during an actual competition, this is a common technique with race car drivers.

As a Competitor

I have found that mechanical coaches in various sports may be accomplished teachers and competent players in their own right but they do not usually have experience of being a competitor. Likewise, with regard to mental performance, I have encountered many sports psychologists who teach theoretical principles without the benefit of personal experience.

I believe that you cannot fully comprehend what it is like to be a competitor in the midst of a competition unless you have experienced this yourself. I have personally been a competitor within Motorsport, having won two Scottish and three British racing titles. This gives me the advantage of fully understanding what my clients experience within competition and allows me to be a better coach for them.

I’ve been a player in world snooker for 25 years and yet Noel is showing me practice drills and ways of applying them with pressure that I had never thought of before. His methods are a revelation to me, not just on the table but off the table too and he is always pointing out to me we get what we are, so if we are not our best off the table we can’t expect to be at our best on it. Noel is someone who is more than a coach to me, and he has this ability to make me think about snooker and life in a different way than I ever thought imaginable.

World Snooker Player

Love working with Noel. He is an expert on how to perform on the highest level. With his experience he is always able to give me the right tools to improve. I appreciate him and his efforts a lot.

Raphael Spiegel, Swiss National Team U-23 Goalkeeper

Having been working with Noel coming up to a year now, I can say it’s been one of the best experiences in my career so far, he’s a top guy with tons of experience and knowledge and I can’t wait to continue the journey!

Stuart Carrington, World Snooker Player

Noel is absolute class, his delivery of knowing how to understand me as a person is why I was so excited to begin working with him! It’s only the start and I can’t wait for the journey together! I want to become the best person I possibly can this year and I know with Noel it’s going to be possible!

Mubarak Adeyemo, Professional Footballer

Working with Noel “Porridge” Flannery has been a real eye opener for me over the past year. He has encouraged me to look at sport in general in a completely different and positive way and with a big change to my preparation and focus during each match. The results speak for themselves with the highlight of becoming a World Champion at the Disability Darts World Cup as part of Team Scotland. With the advice and techniques Noel has given me I can be prepared and compete at this level much more easily than before and with much greater consistency. He knows his stuff as they say and I’m very glad to have been able to put it to good use. Don’t be left behind, get onboard.

Grant Murray, Disability Darts World Champion

I’ve worked with sports psychologists before so I have a lot of experience in this but working with Noel Flannery is a game changer. His methods are so easy to take in and understand and I took to it immediately. From my very first match I felt better than I ever had before.

Lee Walker, World Snooker Player

My work with Noel Flannery has been extensive both from a performance point of view on the golf course but also in growing my business which I run from Thailand. We have coaching sessions online and at the end of each one I’m ready to take on the world. He has such a way about him, and the help he has given both in life and in business I find hard to put into words. I can see why world snooker players and tour golfers benefit from his time. He is quite literally one in a million.

Cameron Young, CEO and Owner of Envelicus (PPE Supply Company)

In Florida where I trained as a Peak Performance Mind Coach

As a Mental Performance Coach

Whilst living and working in Florida, I trained with Peak Performance Mind Coaching and achieved my certification as an instructor in sports related Mind Coaching techniques. I am the only European instructor from this programme and you can view my profile for further details here.

Unlike sports psychology, which utilises well established philosophies and techniques, my training allows me to create a bespoke programme designed to address a player’s specific requirements and issues. The format is adapted to the individual’s needs.

My coaching begins with the understanding that state of mind has a profound and immediate effect on how the body performs. This is not simply positive thinking, it is using mental tools to actually change how we feel in any given moment. The emotional state is paramount and very personal, hence the need for a programme tailored to the individual.

There is so much in life that we can’t control but we can control how we feel, how we respond to those things. This is what I teach my clients and this is what makes all the difference.